kinesiotapingThe Kinesiotape method is a taping technique used to support the body’s healing ability. It prolongs the effects of the adjustment and soft tissue work done to the body after patients leave the office. The tape is very unique in that it has the ability to stretch and move. The amount of stretch the practitioner puts into the tape depends on what he or she wants to stimulate or inhibit. As the tape is stretched it lifts the skin from the muscle belly. This lift can effect the skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, fascia, pain receptors, lymph flow, blood flow and inflammation. There are many different conditions that respond to the tape, a few examples are muscle weakness, sprained ankles, constipation, acid reflux, tendonitis, sensory issues, feeding issues, abdominal support for pregnancy, joint issues, athletic injuries, pain syndromes and muscle spasticity.

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